F9 – Part of the Saga of Finnish Entrepreneurship

We started our entrepreneurial journey in 2011, challenging our competitors: the big international IT wholesalers. At that stage, we were already skilled and experienced professionals in the field. We had a crystal clear vision of how and with what type of choices in values we can stand out among our competitors and succeed. We made net loss during our first fiscal year, despite a turnover of 23 million euros.

The negative result did not discourage us or make us change our method of operation. We still believed in our vision that a “can-do” sales attitude and truly customer-oriented service will yield results even in a very competitive sector. Our other cornerstones were, and still are, the solid expertise and drive of our staff, the best electronic service channels in the business, and flexible and reliable logistics. Our tenacity, persistent development, and a strong belief in how we do things was rewarded: during the second fiscal year, we made profit while our turnover skyrocketed to over 87 million euros.

Since then, we have expanded our business year after year. Our fast growth can be mainly attributed to organic growth, new manufacturer contracts and an expanding clientele. We have systematically developed our agile operations and our ability to implement solutions. Our strong company culture cultivates an attitude of humble learning and listening skills, as well as acting boldly and having the ability to face challenges and uncertainty. Indeed, our company culture provides a fertile soil for the active and ongoing development of our business, enabling F9 to continue to grow.

In addition to Finland, we currently operate in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania through our Baltic subsidiary. The F9 Group collectively employs more than 250 people with a turnover of over 580 million euros. This makes us one of the strongest distributors in IT, consumer electronics, mobile devices and presentation technology. You might think we are satisfied with the status quo – but that could not be further from the truth.