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Our ranks are continuously growing along with our revenue. We are focused on developing our business operations and strengthening the competitive edge of our partners. We are always looking for more professional to join our ranks. We offer new knowledge and ways to improve your skills.

We offer our new employees comprehensive orientation into our protocols and work-specific tasks. You get to be a part of a strong team of professionals that works together with Finnish resellers and international manufacturers.


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“The F9 Way” encompasses:

A “can-do” attitude

No corporate bullshit

Every day is different

Trust and responsibilities

No man left behind

As colleagues we expect from each other:

Integrity and reliability

Commitment to common goals

Raise your hand, if you don’t know

Being genuine

Showing initiative

Get to Know the F9 People

We at F9 have cultivated a vibrant working culture that embraces a supportive and inclusive workplace atmosphere. We appreciate an attitude of taking initiative, embracing challenges and striving towards goals, and the ability to work together with others. Our work community includes highly experienced workers and experts in the field, but we are equally welcoming to fresh graduates and employees, who are just starting off on their career paths.

Read about our employees’ experiences of their career paths at F9!

Sanna, B2C sales

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Sanna has enjoyed her stay at F9 from 2014 now, and has been in the company from almost the very beginning. Sanna has a Bachelor of Business Administration and works in the B2C Sales Team as Sales Representative. During the years, Sanna’s job description and duties have evolved with the growth of F9.

“Originally, I started as an assistant, but nowadays I work in the same team as a Sales Representative. Of course, my work has diversified since 2014 as we have catered to the clients’ needs and our product selection has grown.”

During the years, Sanna has witnessed quite a few stages of development at F9.

“I don’t know if it can be described a surprise when I’ve seen the way we work and the work ethic we have, but this growth and success has been wonderful. New objectives have been created and reached. It’s fantastic to be part of a Tampere success story.”

Sanna appreciates the relaxed work culture of F9 and describes it as one of the best parts of her job.

“The best part in F9 is the atmosphere and great workmates!”

During the last years, many new employees have started at F9 and future talent is continuously sought to develop and bring new perspective into how things are done.

“I encourage everyone to apply for F9 as themselves! The winning combination is a happy and motivated attitude to work, customer service-oriented attitude and the ability to work with the team.”

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Ida, Operations

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Ida has worked in the F9 Operations Team since the autumn of 2019. Transferring to IT field provided her career new challenges she was craving for, and there is something to be learned every day.

“I have previously worked in a completely different field, and I was looking for new challenges. I was anxious about the new job as I didn’t know much about the IT sector, and information technology almost always gives me grey hair. I nevertheless believed that with a good attitude and the will to learn, everything would turn out fine! Now I have been here at F9 for a year and a half, and I am learning new things all the time. The first thing I was first surprised about at work was all the new vocabulary, so there was a lot to learn in that sense, too.”

The Operations Team is responsible for F9’s internal accounting tasks and Ida’s responsibilities range from invoicing to handling matters related to clients’ orders as well as various troubleshooting tasks.

“My job description includes, for example, preparing quotes, product coding, order tracking and invoicing, handling price lists and various customer service situations. The work is pretty fast-paced and I often have multiple active tasks at once. It also doesn’t hurt to have investigative skills.”

According to Ida, the variety of tasks and nice workmates are the best parts of the job.

“The best part of the job is the variability of work, learning new things, and workmates, who all work together for a common goal, and always help you when you need it. It’s the best feeling when you have the knowledge and the ability to help someone else in need.”

Ida also has something to say to potential F9 applicants:

“In my opinion, a person who is motivated, has the ability to work together with others and take initiative can get ahead in life, so why not also at F9.”

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Carlos, Pre-installation Centre

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Carlos works as a Pre-installer in the F9 Pre-installation Centre and is among the newest F9 employees. He had some previous experience in installation tasks, and F9 felt like the best next step in his career.

“I ended up at F9 though the traditional way. Quite a few people had left from my old workplace for F9, and a couple of the last ones to leave hinted that F9 is looking for workers, so I scribbled an application, sent it and hoped for the best. Now we’ve been together for five months and the romance is going strong.”

Carlos’s job involves pre-installation tasks of computers and mobile devices. In addition, pre-installation involves the implementation of various customised installation assemblies based on client-specific needs. The team has 15 Pre-installers and the Team Leader.

“In a typical working day goes roughly as follows: in the morning I take on an installation from the task list, fetch the devices to be installed from the warehouse, and sit at my desk to perform the installation. Once the installation is finished, I put the devices in the shelf for completed units, grab a cup of tea and start a new installation from the task list. The best part is the flexibility of being able to work at my own pace. You can have your tea or take a lunch break whenever you choose, and you can work longer, if you get in a good rhythm.”

Carlos warmly welcomes new F9 members into the company.

”All potential applicants, go ahead, and join us and have fun. Just have a good sense of humour, and you’ll be fine.”

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Ville, Product Marketing

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Ville is a Product Specialist in the F9 Product Marketing Team, and is responsible, for example, for customer relationship management and sales. His career at F9 began with a tip from a friend.

“I knew from my former colleagues that F9 had a great, active working environment, so I decided to see if they had something for me. It turned out they did, so two months after the initial contact, I started working in Product Marketing.”

Ville’s job involves various tasks and projects related to the products he is in charge of.

“My work entails a lot of different things, from marketing design and implementation to client meetings and pricing. Every day is different, and I get to utilise my skills in various areas.”

Ville says the work atmosphere is one of the best things about working at F9. Employees are able to have an impact and implement their ideas at work.

“The atmosphere, colleagues and the opportunity to rely on your strengths. The feeling that your opinions and ideas matter and they are implemented is super awesome. The sheer variability of work took me by surprise. It's also nice that there is no rigid culture at F9. I look forward to going to work every single morning... that, too, is pretty surprising!”

The F9 team has grown at a steady pace, and for the company is continuously looking to grow its ranks. Ville’s message to potential F9 applicants:

“This is a growing company and with low employee turnover. You can succeed here by being yourself.”

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